Q. Why don't my parents get along?
A. Sometimes parents fall out of love with each other, for reasons no one else understands. They may like different things, and want to do different things from each other. Because of this, they begin to argue, and then they become more and more unhappy. One thing to remember is that parents NEVER stop loving their children.

Q. Was the divorce my fault?
A. No. Divorce is never the child's fault. Divorce is something that happens between two adults and it is not because of anything that someone else did.

Q. Do my parents still love me?
A. Yes they do. Ask them, and they will tell you. The divorce was not your fault, and your parents are not angry with you.

Q. Who will take care of me?
A. Your parents will still take care of you. Your parents will probably decide to live in separate places. You may only live with one parent, or you may live with one parent sometimes, and with the other parent at other times. If you spend time with each parent, and you get confused, ask them to help you. Maybe you can figure out a way to make the schedule easier (click here to create a monthly schedule).

Q. If I'm good, will they get back together again?
A. No. You may think that if you are good, your parents will stop being mad. This is not true. Keeping your room clean won't bring them back together. Trying to get along with your brother or sister won't bring them back together. It is their decision, and whether you are good OR bad does not influence their decision to divorce.

Q. What can I do when they yell at each other?
A. You can leave the room. You can ask them not to fight in front of you. You can go to your room and shut the door. You can write them a letter and tell them how much it hurts you when they argue with each other. You can go to someone else's house (ask permission first, though). You can turn on the TV and try not to listen to them.

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